Bilt Rewards: Earn Points and Build Credit on Rent


4/5/20234 min read

Bilt Mastercard revolutionizes the way you earn points on rent payments without transaction fees. Read on to learn about its incredible rewards structure, travel perks, and limitations, and unlock a world of financial possibilities!

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Are you tired of missing out on rewards when paying your rent? Look no further! The Bilt Mastercard is here to transform your renting experience. Say goodbye to transaction fees and hello to a new world of exciting rewards. Let's dive into the details and explore why this card is a game-changer for smart spenders in 2023! 

Bilt Rewards is revolutionizing the credit card industry and finally allowing renters the ability to earn major benefits for what is likely the largest yearly expense. This card has become the biggest "no-brainer" addition to my wallet, turning what has been a no benefit monthly expense to my biggest credit builder and points earner.

Earn Points on Rent Payments:

Say goodbye to transaction fees on your rent payments! The Bilt Mastercard allows you to earn points on your rent without any additional charges. This unparalleled feature sets it apart from other credit cards on the market, making it a true game-changer for tenants.  

Impressive Point Earning Potential:

The Bilt Mastercard offers generous point earning opportunities. You'll earn 1x point per dollar spent on rent, up to 100,000 points annually. Additionally, you'll enjoy 2x points per dollar on travel, 3x points per dollar on dining, and 1x point per dollar on all other purchases.  At the time of writing, we estimate 1 Bilt Rewards point to be worth roughly 1.8 cents on the dollar (can vary based on redemption method), meaning you can earn up to $1,800 per year just by paying rent!

Furthermore, every month on "Rent Day," you'll have the opportunity to participate in trivia and raffle opportunities for additional rewards, ranging from $5 to a free ticket to Europe! "Rent Day" also offers 2x bonuses on all spending categories outside of rent, meaning you'll earn 4x rewards if you book a flight and 6x rewards on dining!

Built Rewards Tiers:

The Bilt Mastercard takes reward programs to the next level with its Built Rewards Tiers. Starting as a Blue Tier member, you have the opportunity to progress to Silver, Gold, and even Platinum tiers based on the number of points earned throughout the year. Each tier unlocks more benefits, such as improved point transfer rates with airlines and hotels and even interest on your points balance, making it a fantastic incentive to keep using the card and accumulating points.  Silver status isn't difficult to achieve and offers the highest step-up in rewards.

Built-in Protection and Convenience:

Worried about credit utilization and its impact on your credit score? The Bilt Mastercard has you covered with its innovative feature called "Bilt Protect." By connecting your bank account, you can pay your rent without utilizing your credit limit. This means you can enjoy the rewards without risking a high credit utilization ratio. Plus, paying your balance on time and in full each month is crucial to maintain a healthy credit score.  I highly, highly recommend defaulting to using "Bilt Protect" and treating your rent payment like a debit rather than a credit.  This is the most responsible decision you can make for your finances.

Unleash the Power of Transfer Partners:

When it comes to redeeming your hard-earned points, the Bilt Mastercard offers exciting possibilities. By partnering with renowned brands like American Airlines and World of Hyatt, you can transfer your points and unlock incredible travel opportunities. Imagine staying at luxurious resorts or flying to your dream destinations, all funded by the points you've earned through your rent payments!

Travel Benefits and Insurance Coverage:

The Bilt Mastercard isn't just about rewarding rent payments. It offers a range of exceptional travel benefits, making it an excellent companion for jet-setters. Earn double points on "Rent Day" (the first of every month) and enjoy six times points on dining, four times on travel, and two times on all other expenses (excluding rent). These rewards can reach as high as 10.8% back in value, depending on your redemption preferences.

You'll enjoy primary CDW (car rental insurance), six-hour trip delay coverage, no foreign transaction fees, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, purchase protection, and $800 in cell phone insurance. It's like having a personal travel companion that takes care of you every step of the way. 

Potential for Mortgage Payments & More:

While the Bilt Mastercard currently doesn't support mortgage payments, there are indications that this may change in the near future. As the card evolves, it could become an all-in-one solution for managing your housing expenses and earning rewards. Keep an eye out for updates, as the possibility of paying your mortgage with the Bilt Mastercard could make it even more indispensable.  I'm personally saving my points balance for redemption on a mortgage some day, which Bilt supports today! 


The Bilt Mastercard presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to maximize their rewards on rent payments. With its unique features like fee-free rent transactions, generous rewards structure, built rewards tiers, and the potential for future mortgage payments, it's a credit card worth considering. Discover a new way to earn rewards and make the most of your financial transactions with the Bilt Mastercard and sign up today

Remember to always manage your credit responsibly, pay your balances on time, and enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary credit card. Stay tuned in to CentsiBull for more insightful articles on personal finance and smart money management.

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